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Vitozol CBD for Dogs – South Africas leading and most popular CBD oil for Dogs brand.

Vitozol CBD oil for dogs is extracted from organically farmed Industrial plants specifically cultivated for their high CBD content. Vitozol CBD cannabis oil for pets is routinely tested and pharmaceutically certified every month to ensure that it maintains the highest possible standard. Vitozol is certified to be bacteria fungus and contaminant free to ensure both the quality and safety of our product.

CBD oil contains cannabinoids which could improve many aspects of your pets health. Many pet owners have a positive experience with using CBD oil.

This product is Cannabidiol CBD Oil (Not the cheaper hemp oil alternative)

Please note that this product is not intended to cure or treat any disease but rather may improve symptoms associated with various conditions.

  • Our products are 100% natural CBD (Not cheaper hemp alternative)
  • Vitozol does not contain any THC
  • A natural health supplement that can spark impressive results
  • Its a high quality product
  • Wide range of uses
  • It can improve quality of life
  • Easy to add to any meal plan
  • Expert testing and high safety standards
  • Enjoy fast results
  • Pharmaceutically certified
  • Safe to use for almost any age
  • Low risk of side effects

What is CBD Oil for Dogs?

A responsible owner knows what he or she feeds their dogs, so let’s clarify what you’re buying when investing in CBD oil for dogs.

Firstly, know that there are different products on today’s market. Some are designed for human consumption while others are meant for animals.

This oil comes from hemp plants but contains no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Only the cannabidiol (CBD) is kept during production, resulting in an oil which isn’t psychoactive.

As with any new product, it’s safest to first test the oil by adding a small amount to the animal’s diet. See if there are any adverse effects, for example if they seem agitated after digesting it. If all seems well, you’ve found your new favourite remedy!

Health Concerns Where You can Use CBD Oil for Dogs

Thanks to the many beneficial properties of CBD oil for dogs, adding a little to their diet can transform their overall health or treat a certain condition.

Skin Conditions

The shiny coat and health skin you wish for your dog ARE possible but it all starts from within. Improving your dog’s health with natural elements like CBD oil that has anti-inflammatory properties, can eventually result in a healthier skin. That means, less scratching!

Recovery Periods

Did your dog have an operation or other treatment at the vet recently? We’re not saying you shouldn’t give traditional medicine, but why not boost the recovery with CBD oil for dogs that can work as an anti-inflammatory? Cuts may heal faster and there could be less discomfort from a bloated gut.

If antibiotics form part of your dog’s treatment, you need to manage gut health. CBD oil is an excellent agent for this.

Because CBD impacts the pain receptors in the user, it can also help manage pain and discomfort during recovery times.

Anxiety and Tension

If you’re tired of your dog jumping up against visitors or panicking when there’s fireworks outside, it’s time to invest in CBD oil for dogs. The ingredients can calm dogs down and all you need are a few drops, so it’s not an expensive resource to keep on hand. Dog owners use calming collars containing pheromones for this same purpose, but they don’t work for all dogs. CBD oil is a helpful alternative.

Don’t be concerned, helping your dog deal with anxiety doesn’t happen because of a ‘high’. There’s no THC in CBD oil, so you’re not causing hallucinations or ‘putting them on a trip’.

Digestive Health

As mentioned above, CBD oil can help keep the stomach balanced, such as preventing antibiotics from causing diarrhea or other digestive problems. Even in general care for your dog, CBD oil has been used to improve dogs’ appetite, along with making sure the digestive tract works effectively to absorb all the nutrients the animal needs.

Cuts and Bruises

Because CBD oil is a healthy natural product and anti-inflammatory, feeding small amounts to your dog is bound to increase general health. This means faster healing if they get hurt, because the dog’s immune system is stronger than before.

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