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Reptizoo Infrared Heat Lamp

Reptizoo infrared heat lamp is ideal for increasing ambient temperatures in pet enclosures such as reptiles bearded dragons etc .  Infrared lights are often used at night because the red glow does not disturb the animals when they need to sleep.

Note: infrared lights do NOT replace the daytime UV lights which provide UVB for animals such as bearded dragons iguanas and chameleons during the day.  You will have to purchase this UV light separately.

  • Increases the ambient heat in the enclosure.  (remember to always give reptiles a warm side of the enclosure and a cool side on the opposite side in case they need to cool down)
  • Emits a red light. You will be able to view your animal at night without disturbing them.
  • It is best to try put your lights on a timer so that they run on a regular cycle e.g. 12 hours on and 12 hours off.  Irregular cycles shorten the lifespan of the bulb also handling of the bulb when it is warm is not recommended due to it's high heat as well as shortening it's lifespan. 
  • You will need a metal or ceramic screw-in socket for this infrared light.  Plastic sockets are not recommended due to the high heat of the infrared light.
  • This infrared light it suitable for bearded dragons and chameleons but can also be used to warm up dog kennels baby birds etc but caution should be taken to ensure these animals don't overheat

Available in:

  • 50W
  • 75W
  • 100W
  • 150W

Available in various sizes (size will depend on size of the enclosure)

Due to the fragile nature of lightbulbs, this item is:


NOTE: if you are spraying your animal/enclosure with water avoid spraying onto the infrared light.  If it is hot it could explode and the water could cause a malfunction of the bulb.

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