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This disposable Redtop flycatcher is practical and easy to use.  It has a 5-liter capacity and is simply thrown away when full.

The trap is supplied with bait.

For outdoor use only.

Please follow the below tips when disposing or handing your Redtop Fly Catcher:

  • Dispose of old traps on garbage collection day.

  • Bait up a new trap 3 to 4 days before disposal of the old one to ensure continuous catching.

  • Top up with water when required.

  • Water volume should be steadily increased as trap fills.

  • Add a tablespoon of local soil to enhance local area organisms.

  • For reusable only: Prepare replacement bait in a suitable container 2-3 days prior to changing to ensure continuity of trapping.


  • Not closer than 5 metres from fly breeding areas (i.e., manure heaps, compost heaps, chicken runs, etc.)

  • At head height or higher.

  • In direct sunlight for temperate climates.

  • In semi shade for very hot climates.

  • Between the fly breeding area and the living environment.

  • Hang the Redtop outdoors in a suitable position with sufficient sunlight. (Not closer than 15 metres from the effected area)

  • Suitable for all areas where flies are a problem such as cattle farm, stables and chicken breading facilities.

This powerful product is highly effective in the home and domestic environment. Bait last for up to a 6-8 week cycle. Our product is attractively priced and easy to use.