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Millet sprays are long stems of millet seed, typically a golden honey color, that are given to pet birds as a nutritious treat. Each shaft contains a cluster of about 30 millet seeds. Millet sprays are also occasionally referred to as spray millet.

Millet is the perfect treat to use with baby birds and feather pickers. It is great for baby birds when they are weaning because it offers them a lot of calories to finish developing. Plus they love it! Millet is also great for sick birds who don't want to eat their normal diet. As with all treats, spray millet should not be the main part of your bird's diet. Although millet is nutritious, a varied diet is still very important. For smaller birds, you can cut spray millet into smaller pieces to control how much they eat.

Place higher up in cage to avoid contamination on floor of the cage.


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