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Most reptile keepers choose to supply ultraviolet light to all diurnal lizards that are known to bask in sunlight in the wild. It was discovered many years ago that UV light enables reptiles like many other creatures to synthesize vitamin D in their skin. This is very important for their health in particular for the metabolism of calcium.

The Ultra Pet UVB Tropical light is a cost-effective brand that provides this UV light.

NOTE: this UV light does NOT provide any heat.  You will still have to purchase a heat lamp (basking/infrared/moonlight) to use in conjunction with this UV light during the day.

  • Screw-in bulb
  • Use during the day to provide your reptile with UVB rays.  We recommend you put the light on a timer to extend the lifespan of the bulb (12 hours on during the day and 12 hours off in the evening)
  • Switch the light off at night! Your animal needs to sleep and the white light will disturb them
  • Position the UV light right next to the heat light (basking/infrared) and place a log or a perch directly under these lights.   The reason for this is because your basking reptile will spend most of the day basking under the heat lamp and thus get the UV rays from the UV light at the same time
  • Suitable for bearded dragons chameleons iguanas
  • Do not get the light wet

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