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Ceramic heat emitters are a  great way to provide heat to cold-blooded reptiles.  The Ultra Pet ceramic heat emitter is:

  • Cost-effective brand
  • Ceramic heat emitters have been proven to last longer than heat bulbs
  • Does not emit any light, so it will not disturb your pet in the evening when they are trying to sleep
  • Screw-in bulb. You will have to use a ceramic or metal socket (not plastic) due to the high temeperature of the heat emitter
  • Suitable for bearded dragons, chameleons, iguanas. Can also be used for other animals such as snakes, in dog kennels, baby chicks, etc. however you will have to ensure the animals cannot reach the lamp otherwise they may burn.  They must also be able to get to a cooler side of their enclosure if they need to cool down

Size 50w

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