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Reptizoo daylight basking heat lamp is ideal for reaching high temperatures needed by basking animals such as bearded dragons and chameleons

Note: basking lights do NOT replace the daytime UV lights which provide UVB for animals such as bearded dragons iguanas and chameleons during the day.  You will have to purchase this UV light separately.

Size: 150w

  • Provides a direct source of heat.  Your temperatures on your warm side of your beardie cage should be reaching approx 38 degrees celsius (remember to make sure there is a cool side on the opposite side of the enclosure where the beardie can cool down)
  • Emits a white light for the 12-hour daytime cycle (switch off at night so that the animal can sleep!). Red infrared or black moonlights should be used at night so that the animal isn't disturbed at night when it is trying to sleep.).
  • It is best to try put your lights on a timer so that they run on a regular cycle e.g. 12 hours on and 12 hours off.  Irregular cycles shorten the lifespan of the bulb also handling of the bulb when it is warm is not recommended due to it's high heat as well as shortening it's lifespan. 
  • You will need a metal or ceramic screw-in socket for this basking light.  Plastic sockets are not recommended due to the high heat of the basking light.
  • This basking light it suitable for bearded dragons and chameleons
  • Available in various sizes (size will depend on size of the enclosure)

Due to the fragile nature of lightbulbs

NOTE: if you are spraying your animal/enclosure with water avoid spraying onto the basking light.  If it is hot it could explode and the water could cause a malfunction of the bulb.