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Kingsbury budgie seed.

Available in 2kg and 5kg

Contains red millet, yellow millet and oats, suitable for a budgie's daily diet.

Replace seed in budgie's food bowls daily. 

Offer treats to your cage bird such as spray millet. It has an appealing texture and delicate taste, and satisfies a bird's need to forage by harvesting his own seed. Plus it provides entertainment and keeps birds busy! (see link below)

You should also have a calcium cuttlebone in your bird's cage to provide calcium to meet your pet's nutritional needs, as well as some stimulation to keep them busy.  For birds there is the added benefit that when they nibble and bite the cuttlebone, their beaks get polished and it helps remove outer scaly layers. (see link below)

If you feel your bird needs additional nutrition (for example during molting, stressful periods or to aid in feather plucking or illness) consider using a nutritional supplement such as a parrot tonic, or Premolt 5 in your bird's water as needed. (see link below)

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